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Dentistry With a Touch of Art clinic Dentistry With a Touch of Art clinic

Dentistry With a Touch of Art is a locally owned dental clinic that provides your area with extraordinary dental services. You'll find the perfect solution for your dental problem when you visit us at 10-A Liberty Lane. Scheduling an appointment with us is easy and hassle free. Contact us today!


From sedation to general dentistry, you can rely on us for effective dental solutions.

Extraordinary dental services

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"Dr. Rawa, Staff

What a nice way to brighten up my day - thank you all for thinking of me. But yet, you and your staff always go above and beyond."


- Mary Kay



"My children (now young adults) and I have been coming to Dr. Rawa's for about 8 years. Dr. Rawa and his staff have always been professional and treated us with care and respect. They make us feel like family.

My son has a brain injury and he had to find another dentist due to insurance. He visited 2 other dentists that accepted his insurance and then he had problem after problem. I spoke with Lisa, Dr. Rawa's office manager, and she helped me figure out a way to get him back to Dr. Rawa's - thank you Lisa! Now, we all are back where we belong, at Dr. Rawa's Dentistry With a Touch of Art.

I couldn't imagine going anywhere else."


- Dotty P.



"My sons and I have been coming to Dr. Rawa's for over 10 years now. The staff is always professional, courteous, and friendly. They accommodate all of our needs, whether it's for scheduling appointments or remembering every detail about their patients. Thank you for your great service!"


- Joan R. F.



"I used to dread going to the dentist. 6-month checkups were more like every few years or when I had a problem with a tooth is when I would break down and go. Dentistry With a Touch of Art and Dr. Rawa changed all that. Professional and friendly staff, excellent knowledgeable doctor, and also a plus are cute theme-decorated rooms that make you feel at ease and comfortable. Dentist visit is now every 6 months with no more "putting them off". I would highly recommend Dentistry With a Touch of Art."


-Darlene P.

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