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Are you having problems with your teeth? Get in touch with Dentistry With a Touch of Art at 724-539-7781 for exceptional dental services. You can expect us to treat your teeth with precision and care.

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Our Philosophy

“We are a state of the art dental practice devoted to providing satisfaction for all patients, while educating them to become partners in their own oral health.  With the ever changing technology, our focus is on education, not only for the patient, but also for ourselves.  Having two friendly and well-trained doctors on staff, we are able to accommodate patients within their hectic schedules and keep anxiety at a low level.  Our patients in need of a mandibular advancement device due to their lack of compliance with a CPAP or BiPAP machine, have many options available and treatment is an on-going process to ensure the efficacy of the appliance.  Our dental practice is a dynamic business that is always changing, allowing us to never stop growing and learning.  This is so important, as we work for you, the patient.  Our advice will always be based on your best interests and treatment plans are thoroughly discussed in private operatories to ensure each patient understands their options.”